Want to shake things up

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Robobar is an autonomous bartending robot that uses AI and voice recognition.

It can be fully customized to mix a variety of delicious cocktails, entertain your audience,

attract new visitors, and help your events stand out.

Robobar brings the future to your conference.

The Bartender

Robobar uses a 3D animated bartender that interacts and chats with the audience using voice recognition and NLP. Much like a real bartender, it listens to the customers, guides them through the menu, and offers the best drink for them - based on their preferences

and taste. In addition, it can be programmed to say anything

you’d like, answer any question, convey your brand’s message,

act as an information center, and promote future events.

An interactive

3D Bartender

Communicates with visitors

using voice recognition and NLP


Hey! What would you like to drink?

Conveys your brand’s

message and promotions

Well… the main feature that attracts the crowd (and there will be a crowd) are the cocktails. Robobar can make three to five delicious and original cocktails, developed by the talented mixologist, Tal Gantz.

The cocktails are based on the products of Milk & Honey, the first whisky distillery in Israel: Young Single Malt, Levantine Gin, and Roots Liquor.

And it doesn’t end there! Robobar can be fully customized:

cocktails can be added, cocktails’ names can be changed, and even

non-alcoholic options can be included. Anything can be adjusted

to fit the type of event and to fit the audience.

 Our genuine Cocktails


The ability to customize and brand Robobar makes it perfect for every event: conferences, exhibitions, galas, weddings, cocktail parties, and even hotel and airport lounges. Anywhere you need a drink, Robobar is at your service.

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